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Follow the story of Annalina Amaris, a young girl, much like any other. She's attending high school, have friends, and got plans for herself. Up until one day, when everything falls apart, and she's forced to live in an abandoned building complex in the city.

She starts researching the mysterious dreams she's having lately, until one day she learns something she did not expect about her dreams.

They are showing her something that could resemble wolves, but there have not been a single wolf sighting anywhere in the world for the past 200 years, and are now declared extinct. But with her current life shattered, she starts chasing this legend nonetheless.

She will experience wonderful things on this journey, but it will also push her to the limit, where death is surely an option that awaits around any corner on her road.

This is a W.I.P. (Work in Progress) with no scheduled release date. But the plan is a series of three books, totaling about 1.500 pages in total.

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Published139 days ago
TagsFantasy, fictional, Mystery, norwegian, novel, wolves